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Carolin Ott


Carolin Ott is an actress, voiceover artist and theatre maker. Born November 1985 in Lübz. Brought up in East-Berlin. Moved abroad, by herself, aged 17 to follow her dream of becoming an actress.

In 2017 – after living abroad for 13 years – Carolin made the decision to pack two suitcases and move back to her hometown Berlin, where she now works and lives with her family.

Carolin trained at the School of Physical Theatre London, where she completed an intensive one year course based on the methods of Jacques Lecoq. She then continued her studies at the renowned Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, followed by postgraduate acting training at the Drama Studio London. After writing over 150 letters to get financial support from industry professionals, she got the green light from Jeremy Irons, Michael Frayn and Tom Stoppard who sponsored her studies.

Since graduating from Drama School in 2010 she has worked on stage and screen internationally. Her work includes collaborations with award winning theatre companies such as: Das Letzte Kleinod (DE)Theaterlabor Bielefeld (DE), Teatr A Part (PL), Frantic Assembly (UK), Panzerkreuzer Rotkäppchen (DE), Theatre Lab Company (UK/ GR), Plavo Pozorište (SRB), feedback theatre (UK) and Association Arsène (FR). Carolin believes that theatre is and can be for everyone and is particularly interested in socio-political subjects, ensemble work, contemporary literature, combining different mediums to create stories and identity.

Most recently she finished filming the music video ‘CHASHM’ for Iranian Rap Artist Justina. Musikexpress announced it to be ‘Video of the Week’ and ‘It can’t get more radical’. Carolin embodies a strong and loving woman in resistance. Director: Omid Mirnour, Casting: Studio Levi. WATCH HERE. 

She is a member of Berlin based theatre collective Monstress Mess with whom she researches, develops and produces her own ideas. Carolin recently performed in ‘The Woman You Want Does Not Exist’ at Brotfabrik Berlin. Premiere: 19.10.23. More info here. 


More scenes HERE

About Me English


The Last Days of Mankind

Licht Aus

Happy New Year!

31st January 2024

I took some time off to recharge my batteries and I came back full speed – I travelled down to Saarbrücken to watch fantastic films at the Max Ophüls Film Festival, met some very inspiring people and will definitely return. Thank you.

BFFS Member

22nd November 2023

I have finally become a member of the BFFS! Want to know more? Click HERE.

Ixme Aydiho Agency

14th November 2023

For commercial work I am now also represented by Ixme Aydiho. Looking forward to working with these lovely bunch of people.

Theatre: The Woman You Want Does Not Exist

24th October 2023

I have written a play! Together with my dear colleague Dawn Robinson. ‘The Woman You Want Does Not Exist’ is a new feminist retelling of the myths that are Medea and Joan of Arc. They look at their stories and connect in the maelstrom of different narratives. They question themselves, their deeds, their identities and at the same time everything around them, the social constructs we live in and accept as reality. Where do these actually come from? Who created the constructs, with all their stereotypes? And who benefits from them? Premiere: 19.10.2023, Brotfabrik Berlin. Text/Performance: Dawn Robinson, Carolin Ott. Regie: Rebecca Scott. Further dates announced soon.

‘It can not get more radical!’

28th September 2023

‘Musikexpress’ announces the music video CHASHM (Yes Sir!) from Justina to be video of the week. ‘It can not get more radical!’ WATCH HERE. I play a loving, strong woman in resistance.
Casting: Studio Levi, Dir: Omid Minour, Role: Prisoner, Title: Justina – CHASHM


Don’t be shy – you know you want to: carolin@carolinott.com


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    DE Representation UK Representation
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