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Music Video Shoot: Nonexister – KATER

August 25, 2023

3 is a charm! Just finished filming yet another music video for the musician Nonexister. I played a mother this time and had a fantastic time on set. Thank you! Dir: Garrick Lauterbach, Casting: Oriana Gordon, Production: ESSE Production House, Audacious Studios.

Music Video Shoot: Justina – Abbas Agha

July 3, 2023

I am part of the casting for the new music video of Iranian Rap Artist JUSTINA. I embodied a strong and loving woman in resistance. Casting: Studio Levi, Dir: Omid Mirnour, Title: ‘Abbas Agha’.

Music Video Shoot: Casper – Sommer

June 28, 2023

Had the pleasure to shoot a role in Casper’s new music video ‘Sommer’. Dir: Casey Campbell, Casting: Fangfrisch.

Theatre: ‘Money Matters’

June 9, 2023

I am slowly coming back to work, after my baby was born last August. Rehearsals for the Platypus production ‘Money Matters’ have started and my first show will be in front of 200 kids at Statthaus Böcklerpark later this month.

Theatre to Film: ‘Wenn Mutti früh zur Arbeit geht’

April 9, 2023

Official Selection mid-length film at the Achtung Berlin Festival. Dir: Amina Gusner. Termine: 16.04.23, 20:30, Acud 1, 17.04.23, 18:00, Babylon 2

Theatre: ‘A MAP’s Tale’

January 23, 2023

Rehearsals have started for ‘A MAP’s Tale‘, a Monstress Mess Production. Premiere 24.02.23 at Theater unterm Dach. Further performances: 25. & 26.02., 01., 02. & 03.03.23. After the last performance there will be a post show talk with Maximilian von Heyden representing Kein Täter Werden, as part of Charité Berlin, Artistic director Rebecca Scott and Judith Shoemaker production manager/actress/movement director. Facilitated by Artistic Director of Theater unterm Dach Thorsten Schlenger.

TV: Watch ‘Die andere Seite’ with me as guest lead

October 26, 2022

Watch me as guest lead in German Series ‘Die andere Seite’ in Episode 5 (Die Zahnfee) as Nicole Winkler. Channel: TLC, Dir: Florian Anders

Film: 56. Hofer Filmtage Festival

October 26, 2022

‘Wenn Mutti früh zur Arbeit geht’ has been selected to premiere at the prestigeous Hofer Filmtage. What was meant to be a theatre production at TD Berlin turned into a film during last years Corona lockdown. I had the pleasure to assist on the project, which has been a huge learning curve for me. Dir: Amina Gusner, Production: zweioderdreidinge

Commercial: Licht Aus – Steinbeis Spot out now

October 6, 2022

Watch it HERE. Dir: Folkert Verdoorn. Production: LeBerg GmbH.

Short Film: ‘Mum’ (WT)

September 15, 2022

I had the pleasure to shoot short film ‘Mum’ (WT) in the role of Charlie. Director: Julia Patey, DoP: Konstantin Minnich, Production: EASYdoesit GmbH. Will post updates on production here.